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Here at ArticHost, we don't believe in charging for bandwidth. All of our plans (Windows and Linux) include unmetered, aka unlimited bandwidth. You don't have to worry about your site loading slow. You don't have to monitor your bandwidth utilization. We take care of getting you the bandwidth, and we don't monitor how much you use. It's truly unlimited.

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Why Bandwidth is Important to Servers

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Bandwidth is essential to every kind of website. Essentially, bandwidth is how much data you can send and receive at once. When someone loads your page, they are using the upload bandwidth on your VPS. Every single page load uses up traffic. Bots on the Internet can further use more of your server's bandwidth as they crawl your pages. A great example of this is the Google Search Engine crawler.

How Bandwidth is Used

When someone uploads a file to your site, like a photo, they are using your download bandwidth. Some providers charge you extra for using more bandwidth. Charging for bandwidth is crazy. It's essential to have unmetered bandwidth. You don't have to worry about getting an additional charge on your invoice. Furthermore, we don't charge extra for this feature. It's standard in all of our plans.

What Websites Need Unlimited Traffic

Most people do not realize how much traffic their website actually uses. Even small WordPress blogs can eat up hundreds of Gigabytes of bandwidth per month. If you start adding heavy use of imaging or videos to your blog/site, that number can grow exponentially.

1Gbps Linux VPS Can Run Your Business

The most commonly deployed package we offer is the 1Gbps linux vps. We are able to achieve this capability by having much more bandwidth available on our upstream network. Not only do we have an insane amount of bandwidth available for our hosting packages, but the quality of the bandwidth is spectacular as well. Our Datacenter partner, where we rent the racks for the servers we own, have connectivity to Tier 1 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such that you get to your network destination as fast as possible, with minimum latency.

When Does Having a VPS With Unlimited Bandwidth Not Help?

A common mistake we see customers of hosting make is expecting lower latency with higher bandwidth. If you, and your customer base, which are the people who visit your site, are in the USA, then the server you get should also be in the USA. You need to specifically look for a VPS with unlimited bandwidth in the USA. Don't be fooled by European deals with faster speeds when really what you should be worried about is latency.

Latency is going to be critical when you decide where your website should be. Latency is usually measured in milliseconds. And again, that determination happens by looking at where most of the people who visit your website are coming from. If you are running an e-commerce store in the Netherlands, but your hosting is in the USA, that doesn't make much sense. The latency difference, known as propagation delay, is going to be too vast. Having your website in Europe, and visiting it from the USA would result in a minimum latency of 100ms. Although you'll have high bandwidth, the performance of the website will suffer.

unmetered vps latency

In the image above, we are in the Midwest of the USA (central part). If we reach out to New York, our average latency is around 28 ms. If we go to Amsterdam, Europe, that latency jumps to 105 ms. This amount of delay is very noticable to the users of your website. Thus it is imperative that you get a 1gbps vps in the USA if your target audience is in the USA.

Get Your Unmetered Virtual Private Server

Here at ArticHost, we offer 100Mbps and 1,000 Mbps unmetered packages:
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