How To Configure Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate

How To Configure Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate On Your VPS

If you have not moved your DNS to Cloudflare and then added your domain there, click here.

Now assuming you followed the previous blog post, your domain should be in Cloudflare so let's begin. Log into Cloudflare.

Select the domain we want to enable SSL/TLS on. Mine is

cloudflare select

Go to the column header "SSL/TLS" | Select "Full" | Save at the bottom

cloudflare free ssl

At this point I should be able to browse to and see that the SSL certificate is trusted. This is because Cloudflare is proxying the connection. Although our Webserver certificate is self signed, Cloudflare is presenting a trusted one to users. If you did not have a SSL certificate on your Server, you would have to use the "Flexible" option. All of our Apps on Linux plans come with self signed certificates so you should always use "Full".

Note: is just a test/lab domain I own, it won't actually work if you browse to it.