How to Enable RDP on Windows

Enable RDP on Windows Server Operating System

If you need to enable RDP on your VPS because it was not enabled automatically you can follow this guide.

Console into the Windows VPS by using the HTML5 VNC as shown here:

Login as "Administrator" and your password that was emailed to you.

The "Server Manager" will launch automatically, if you closed it you can use the start menu to search for it. Once open you will see this and you should select "Remote Desktop".

windows server vps

Now select "Allow remote connections to this computer", and you SHOULD have the "allow connections only from..." options selected. Do NOT turn that off.

cheap rdp enable

Click "Ok" and the firewall rule will be added automatically for you.

Now switch back to your computer as we will connect via RDP to the VPS.

You may now RDP into the machine from your computer/laptop at your home by launching "Remote Desktop".

rdp connect vps

Then type your IP address of the VPS and authenticate.

cheap vps ip

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