How to Reinstall Your VPS

How To Reinstall or Reimage your VPS

Login to the client area.

Select "My Services".

vps my services

Select the VPS plan you want to work with/change.

vps package

Scroll down to the end user portal and make sure "Server Information" is the tab you are on.

vps client area

Switch to the "Install" tab for the VPS menu.

vps reinstall operating system

Select your OS you want, in my case I chose "centos 8".

vps select operating system

After selection the OS should turn green. You should then fill in your password and click "Reinstall".

vps centos

Confirm your choice and wait about 5-10 minutes for completion.

vps destroy

The VPS reinstall process can take anywhere from 2-5 minutes. Please be patient and watch the screen, when it's complete your VPS will auto-start, and you should see the warning above go away from the client area.

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