Linux VPS

Linux VPS with Ultra fast SSD Storage

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$3.50 USD /mo

Windows VPS

Windows VPS with Ultra fast SSD Storage

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$7.00 USD /mo

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers with 1Gbps Unmetered

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Our Guarantees

Here's why our customers trust us to host 600+ Virtual Private Servers.

24/7 Expert Support

Our web hosting support staff is here to help whether it be via live-chat or the ticket system.

Free Backups!

We automatically provide each VPS plan with free backup storage to a different SAN. You can backup & restore directly from the portal all by yourself!

Self-Service Control Panel

Our Self-Service Control Panel allows you to start/stop, re-image, or even VNC into your server for COMPLETE CONTROL.

99.99% Uptime

With our uptime guarantee you can rest easy knowing your VPS Server will always remain up.

DDoS Protection

All of our packages come with DDoS Protection and it works automatically!

Money-back Guarantee

We have a no hassle 7 day money-back guarantee.

High Performance

Our servers feature high quality tech. We have Enterprise Intel CPUs and we NEVER use any desktop parts.

Redundant, High Speed Network

Our network features multiple paths over high speed links to ensure you can always get to your data.

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Great service, and support is always willing to assist even though my server is unmanaged.

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Virtual Server & VPS Hosting Solutions FAQ

VPS is Virtual Private Server. It is a secure, isolated virtual machine running on a Dedicated Server. You can think of a Virtual Private Server as if it were a cheaper, dedicated server. There are several technologies that provide this capability: HyperV (Microsoft), VMware, KVM, etc. All these different technologies utilize hardware-accelerated features in the CPU to provide virtualization with virtually no performance loss.

what does vps mean

Still not getting it? Imagine we have a server with 20 CPU Cores and 128GB of RAM. Now we can take this dedicated server and install, for example, VMware ESXI or KVM (Linux). From there, we can set up 20 different VPS, each with 1 CPU Core and 6GB RAM. That is how the Virtual Private Server get their resources from the dedicated server they run on.

Sometimes a Virtual Server can be faster than some dedicated servers. It all depends on the resources assigned to the Virtual Server like CPU, RAM, and the Disk type. At ArticHost, we only use enterprise Intel parts and SSDs, and that is how we offer the VPS hosting.

These are two very different hosting solutions. Shared hosting means you are running your website on a dedicated server or VPS. It is the cheapest option to run a website. This type of web hosting can be great for very low traffic sites, but there are restrictions. If your website takes too many resources on the shared hosting server, you are limited or forced to buy a Virtual Server or dedicated server.

There are further restrictions with shared hosting. For example, certain PHP features can be completely disabled without any ability to enable them. Furthermore, shared hosting providers may also limit specific versions of software that you can run. Not allowing specific versions of PHP is a very common problem our customers have encountered in the past. If your applications require PHP version 7 but the shared host only offers PHP version 5, then you are stuck and unable to run your site.

Shared hosting also puts limits on your website. If your WordPress blog runs on a shared host with cPanel, for example, then they most likely have some limits on how much memory your WordPress blog may use. For example, they might say you can only use 256MB RAM. Anything more, and they slow down your site. The situation I just described wouldn't happen if you had your own dedicated server or virtual private server. The difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting can mean your website runs slow (shared) vs. fast (virtual server).

The disadvantages of VPS hosting revolve around management and maintenance. If you are comfortable using your Google skills and learning, we recommend starting with our semi-managed plans. If you get stuck on a particular task, open a ticket, and we'd be happy to assist. If you have never used a Virtual Private Server before and want to host websites, we recommend going for a managed server plan. If you cannot afford a managed server plan, then a semi-managed plan with a Control-Panel may be easier to use for you. You still have the ability to use our semi-managed support team for assistance.

We just described these disadvantages can result in your website not working properly if you aren't managing it correctly. The reasons we previously listed are why all of our plans are semi-managed. We recognize customers will always face certain issues, but they still want affordable rates on their servers. Semi-managed hosting solutions are a happy medium.

It's hard to say precisely which hosting solution a customer needs without more information. To answer this question correctly, we must ask you some questions:

  • Is your current hosting provider not fast enough?
  • Is your current provider limiting you on CPU, DISK, or RAM of your websites? Ask them; you might be surprised to find out they are limiting the resources of your website.
  • Do you want more control of your websites, like customization of PHP?
  • Do you want to run a Python web-based framework, like Django.
  • Do you need full control of your server?
  • Do you want your website or application to run faster?

You can host multiple websites on our Virtual Private Servers. The server is yours to do whatever you want. The majority of our customers host numerous websites on their Virtual Private Server with no issues.

That answer all depends on the plan you choose from us. For example, if you select the LIN-SSD-S, which is cheap Linux VPS hosting, you can probably run at least 1-3 low traffic websites. If these websites start getting more traffic or you notice slowness, mostly due to having just 1 CPU Core, then you can upgrade to the LIN-SSD-S2 package. Based on extensive testing we've done in house, we have found that this package/plan (LIN-SSD-S2) is the sweet spot for running dozens of moderate traffic websites.

It's also important to note that website optimizations and caching make a HUGE difference in how many websites you can host on a VPS. Be sure to enable caching in memory, and use Cloudflare's free service package to speed up your site. If you are not familiar with those previously described optimization techniques open a ticket with our Support Staff, and we'll get you the information you need. Most of the time, we can also set up these optimizations for you.

Our datacenter features some of the fastest hardware available with high disk space. Whether you are looking at a Linux server or a Windows server, they are all high-performance VPS that will give you the ability to host dozens of websites.

We have countless customers who switched from Shared hosting providers to our server plans, and their websites run much faster. You no longer have to deal with limitations on RAM or high CPU that they saw with their old Shared hosting provider. If you want a fast website, it needs to run on a VPS.

SSD Storage VPS Hosting is the concept of only using Solid State Drives (SSDs) to provide the fastest storage solution possible to customers. SSD Storage is a must. It's the gold standard for running websites, applications, databases, game servers. With SSD storage, we can now offer customers the fastest boot-up times, and disk read/write speeds. We also offer more disk space on our SSD storage than any other competitor!

At ArticHost, we only use SSDs in a redundant Storage Area Network (SAN). Most providers have SSDs locally on the server, and they don't back up your data. We do it differently. We replicate our SSD SAN (storage server) to another SSD SAN daily in case of major issues.

Of course, we can offer special disk space packages, please open a ticket, and we'll upgrade your SSD storage for a small fee. Most of the time this fee will be $1.50, excluding tax, for every 100GB of SSD space.

Almost always, the answer to this is yes. The majority of shared hosting providers (like Hostgator or GoDaddy) limit you heavily on how much CPU, RAM, and DISK speed you can use. That's because they have HUNDREDS of people on the same server. With a Virtual Private Server from us, you have just one person on the server, you. Virtual Private Server hosting is not faster than shared hosting when you are buying a VPS without an SSD.

Here at ArticHost, we only use SSDs for our servers to give you a much faster server than Shared hosting can offer. Again, please be aware that hosting plans differ significantly from provider to provider. Every detail makes a huge difference. Even the datacenter location makes a huge difference as you want to make sure you are very close to your visitors/customers.

Every single Virtual Private Server plan art ArticHost includes DDoS protection. We scrub and block every DDoS attack on our network so that your website does not go down. This happens automatically.

See more about our DDoS Protected VPS Plans.

We offer all Windows Server Operating Systems: Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2, Server 2016, Server 2019. Not sure which version of Windows Server is right for you? Check out the information below for end of support dates and features.

We offer the most commonly deployed Linux Operating Systems. Note that we customize these images for common deployments. For security, we automatically install and configure Fail2Ban for SSH. This allows us to protect each VPS from brute-force password attacks. We also pre-update all of the images to get you started on a secure Operating System.

For our linux virtual private server hosting plans we offer the below operating systems. If there is any operating system that you need which was not listed here, feel free to open a ticket and we will install it on your Linux or Windows Server.

Other Virtual Server Hosting Questions

KVM is a safe, fast, and fantastic technology that allows us to take a Dedicated Server and split it into multiple, isolated servers known as Virtual Servers. According to RedHat, KVM is implemented in the kernel and is a complete hypervisor solution. KVM allows Linux to run virtual machines as normal application processes. These processes then use the Linux kernel's normal functions to access hardware components like Memory or the CPU in a secure, isolated fashion.

It refers to the concept mentioned above, splitting a Dedicated server into isolated virtual servers. It means we are using a hypervisor technology to split a Dedicated Server into multiple servers. If you are at this point in your research, we recommend reaching out to our Support and Sales staff to get a better idea of what a Virtual Private Server can offer you.

ArticHost is one of the top hosting providers with hundreds of active servers. We run thousands of websites for customers. We believe ArticHost is the best hosting service.

Virtual Private Servers are isolated virtual machines that are running on Dedicated hosting (Dedicated servers). We use the technology of KVM to isolate machines (operating systems) and resources. It is a full, isolated, dedicated mini-computer.

Most of our customers run their websites or customers' websites on our Virtual Private Server hosting packages. There are also customers who want a remote server to work from (mostly Windows Server OS). Then there are customers that want something more light-hearted, like running game-servers. Some common requests we see are Minecraft servers or Counter-Strike servers. All of these are possible. Depending on the application you would like to run, you may end up with Linux or Windows as the operating system. If you are new to game server hosting, we recommend a windows VPS hosting plan as they are easier to navigate. All of these options are hosted in our secure and world-class datacenter, so you can trust they will be snappy and enjoyable.

Since we offer both Windows and Linux Operating Systems, you can host whatever you want. Websites, Bots, Databases, Applications, Game Servers, Voice Servers, RDP for working remote. Here is a list of some most commonly deployed applications: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Mediawiki, Nextcloud, OpenVPN, Minecraft.

Yes, you can use any ArticHost plan (LINUX or Windows) to run a Virtual Private Network (VPN). We also have many customers utilizing OPENVPN for VPN Hosting with us.

You can do domain hosting on these servers because they are entirely yours to control. You can do either domain hosting for a website like running WordPress or domain hosting for parked domains (to generate advertising revenue). We allow both kinds.

Yes, we have many customers running game servers like Minecraft from our servers today. They are enjoying fast speeds on their game servers with no lag!

Foreign Exchange Market trading focuses on the concept of trading currencies in a free market. Forex trading is currently one of the hottest investment opportunities if you're looking for a "set it and forget it" kind of solution. We have many customers who choose our Windows Servers VPS packages that are doing Forex trading successfully. Thus, we are a friendly, Forex Hosting company. In fact, we even have packages dedicated to that function to get you started quickly, so check-out our cheap Forex VPS.

Email hosting is allowed. It's an essential feature for many of our customers, and so we are happy to oblige any custom request for email hosting on our VPS plans. If you are comfortable with managing your own email server, then our plans are perfect for hosting your emails. Furthermore, because ArticHost offers several different operating systems to choose, and two different platforms (Linux and Windows), you have the option to choose different mail platforms. What do I mean by this? Well, on the Windows Operating System you have the ability to go with Microsoft Exchange as your mail server. On Linux, you have several platforms you can choose. If you are a Linux Systems Administrator, expert, or even enthusiast, then you can go with Postfix Or Exim. If you are comfortable in Linux but don't know all the intricacies of Email hosting we recommend MailCow. It's a top performing mail platform that runs on Linux via Docker images. It's very easy to setup, secure, and never has issues.

Yes, we can install a platform like GIT Lab for you or any other script you'd like. Just open a ticket and we'll get started... Please note however, that we offer best-effort support as we only feature semi-managed plans. With that being said, we've never had issues with installing platforms or scripts, so feel free to reach out and, we'll get it done.

All of our Virtual Private Server packages are unmetered. We don't believe in charging for bandwidth in 2021. Users don't want to continually monitor bandwidth charts and worry about overage charges, which would be ridiculous. At ArticHost you can forget overage charges. Learn more about our unmetered vps plans.

Yes, we allow SEO tools. They are essential to e-commerce. Because most SEO tools' capabilities vary drastically, their minimum requirements change based on utilization. Thus we recommend starting off with a package of at least 2 CPUs and 4GB RAM, like the WIN-SSD-S2 plan.

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