Starting from
$7.00 USD/mo

2 Core (Intel CPUs)
50GB Storage (SSD)
100Mbps Network
1 Public IPv4 Address
Unmetered Bandwidth
Backup & restore included
DDoS Protection
Windows eval. license (180 day)

Starting from
$13.00 USD/mo

3 Core (Intel CPUs)
75GB Storage (SSD)
100Mbps Network
1 Public IPv4 Address
Unmetered Bandwidth
Backup & restore included
DDoS Protection
Windows eval. license

Starting from
$22.00 USD/mo

4 Core (Intel CPUs)
100GB Storage (SSDs)
1 Gbps Network
1 Public IPv4 Address
Unmetered Bandwidth
Backup & restore included
DDoS Protection
Windows eval. license

Starting from
$45.00 USD/mo

6 Core (Intel CPUs)
150GB Storage (SSD)
1 Gbps Network
1 Public IPv4 Address
Unmetered Bandwidth
Backup & restore included
DDoS Protection
Windows eval. license

Buy Windows VPS Plans

A Virtual Private Server is an attractive option if you are interested in efficiency, stability, and scalability. There is just one problem. If you are looking for a Windows VPS that does not compromise on quality, it can be hard to find. Thankfully, our four plans, each priced at competitive rates, should give you plenty of options.

Most people decide to go with the WIN-SSD-S, the WIN-SSD-S2, or the WIN-SSD-M. Our priciest plan, the WIN-SSD-L, comes packed with a VIP suite of storage and RAM. It can be the right choice depending on your content’s needs, and you will find that it is still cheaper than other plans at similar storage ranges!

With Virtual Servers, unmetered bandwidth can be extremely important. That is why even our cheapest plan features unlimited bandwidth. Many of our clients operate busy pages with heavy traffic, or they are forward thinkers with an eye towards scalability. Our plans end up being highly efficient for them from a cost standpoint.

windows vps

We Even Have Cheap Windows VPS for $5

Not many providers can say that they are offering Windows virtaul servers for $5, but we can. Since we don't tax our service, you truly get the server for just $5 a month.

Operating Systems For Best Windows VPS

We offer a selection of Windows versions, visible in a drop-down menu on the order page after selecting ‘Order Now’: Windows 2008r2, 2012r2, 2016, and 2019. It is worth noting that, while all versions of Windows can run on a single core if you are on a budget, we recommend customers go with at least the S2 for the best performance.

When it comes time to buy Windows VPS, instant activation is crucial, and if you are in a hurry, instant setup goes without saying. That is why we offer instant activation and instant setup for all of our plans at no extra charge.

For added security, our servers come equipped with redundant power and a redundant network. That means that our servers are stable, consistent, and unintrusive for our clients. Downtime for our servers is quite rare, and if it does happen, we will ensure the problem gets fixed immediately.

Our Windows VPS are Cheap, and Have Fast Storage

All of our plans come with enterprise SAN and SSD storage. That means, compared to a mechanical hard disk (HDD), you can expect improved read-write speed across the board and lightning-fast load times that can directly improve your site’s Google page rank.

Our plans feature free backup to secure storage. That is always layered on top of the usual security of an SSD drive. This happens automatically every night, and we also provide a self-service backup-and-restore portal that you can use when needed. Excitingly, all of our plans come complete with a DDoS protection package.

Features Of Our Windows Virtual Servers

Should you need it, we guarantee a best-effort migration of your website or application upon submitting a ticket to our team. We also offer a free Pointer (PTR) record on all of our plans at no extra cost to you. A PTR record is essentially a reverse DNS that helps mail sent from the server avoid spam filters.

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) allows clients to access the server desktop directly. Our Self-Service Control Panel comes complete with VNC, power, and monitoring features for self-sufficiency and ensuring you get the most out of your server.

Our Windows Virtual Server Datacenter Locations

Our servers are located near Chicago, Illinois. We are well-situated to serve clientele from around the world. Best of all, we are not middlemen. We own the hardware ourselves. That is not just cheaper for us; it lets us pass on the savings to you.

With services that cannot be matched, our hosting plans have helped hundreds of customers get their content online. The impressive suite of features on our plans means they are always in high demand. Most importantly, we guarantee that we will keep your data safe and take your data security seriously. Sound like something you’re interested in? Go ahead and order one of our plans today.

Windows Virtual Server FAQ

A Windows Virtual Server is an isolated instance of a virtual machine with the Windows Operating System installed on it. This type of server (virtual) provides the same security benefits as a dedicated server. If you are looking to host a high-load website or run a high-load application on Windows, this is the most optimal product.

To answer this question, we must first understand the goal of your virtual private server. Are you looking to host an ASP.NET application or website? Or do you need to run some software 24/7? Once you open a support ticket and provide details of your requirements, we can begin discussing how we can help you set up your Windows VPS.

All of our Windows virtual servers have the operating system pre-installed, and the network configured. The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is also enabled. Thus, your Windows VPS RDP connection can be used right away to get connected.

There are numerous ways to transfer files to your virtual server. The simplest way is to use Remote Desktop. The provisioning system upon server creation enabled the Remote Desktop feature; you should connect with that.

Once connected, you can copy files and text from your clipboard over to the virtual server as if you were copying files to another folder or application. Give it a shot; all you need to do is create a file on your regular computer, copy it with CTRL + C, and then paste it to your Remote Desktop session with CTRL + V.

We offer the following versions of Microsoft's Windows Server operating system.

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

Included With Every Plan
  • Hosted near Chicago, IL
  • Redundant Power
  • Redundant Network
  • We own all the hardware!
  • Self-Service Control Panel with VNC, Power, Monitoring!
  • DDoS Protection included!
  • Free Backup Storage!
  • Enterprise SAN with SSD Storage!
  • Cheap VPS hosting without compromising performance!
  • Unmetered Bandwidth!